Small Business.

Running a Business Is Not Just a Dream
From making sales to managing staff, running a business can be challenging. Flytech T series products are designed for independent stores who look out for simplifying daily operation. No matter to manage fresh inventory in your flower shop or to efficiently manage repair order for your bike shop, Flytech T series provide an integrated hardware solution to help you keep track and stay on top of business.

Success Story


NISORO LOHAS – Automated Restaurant in Neihu Technology Park, Taipei

A new highly automated restaurant speeds service through efficiency and no wait staff. With a virtual cashier, the personalized experience is done through Flytech’s T645 Payment stations. The meal is prepared by a team of workers in the kitchen who prepare the food by the order number generated and already-paid for at the Payment station. In using tablets to take orders, the virtual cashier takes customers' orders and remembers them on return visits.  The Payment stations could allow operators to move workers away from cash registers and into the kitchen to help speed up customer service and also focus on better and higher quality ingredients.