Gas Station/ Pharmacy/ Boutiques

Retailer, such as gas station, pharmacy, boutique, may have specific requirements for their POS systems. For example, the lifetime, specifications, and warranty policies for POS systems in different gas stations may differ. For boutique stores, the design of a POS system becomes crucial, as the POS system becomes a part of the environment. What’s more, high graphics capabilities and suitable peripherals are also crucial as merchants may like to show images and commercials to customers while processing the payment. For pharmacy, the stability of a POS system is fundamental as the POS system may need to record a wide range of information, from medicine to customer, and may even need to build up a CRM system.

Success Story



STENDERS is one of the biggest cosmetics producers in Northern Europe.
Flytech supports customer with the most suitable POS system (including BOX PC). With professional ODM/OEM experience in this field for more than thirty years, we are able to provide the most complete support to every customer and keep enterprises updated the latest technology in no time.