museums, movie theaters, stadium…etc

The leisure sector of the hospitality industry includes performing arts and spectator sports, museums, amusement parks and gambling. Establishments with live events or exhibits intended for public viewing are within this sector.
These leisure establishments require technology solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable, and are flexible to fit different needs. In addition to increased revenue and efficiency through speedy service and reduced errors, with the right POS system managing the daily complex business operations such as sales activity, ticketing and CRM will be a breeze.

Success Story

Cinemark 1 (USA)
Cinemark 2 (USA)


Flytech has installed POS systems in different movie theaters in various countries. For example, Flytech and our partner are trusted by the leader in the movie theater industry in America—Cinemark. We understand our importance to assist customers’ business, and we have great confidence to keep offering the best POS hardware to meet different inquiries.