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Fully automated, rich information, self service system is the future, and panel PCs are the key. From restaurants meal ordering, hospital registration, retail store price checking, panel PC can be your ultimate helper. Flytech offers you multi-touched All-In-One panel PCs with rich peripherals of NFC, MSR, and, WiFi module that enables you to easily fit in different scenarios.

Success Story


Tower Kiosk with K755 in National Palace Museum

As the largest museum in Taiwan, National Palace Museum collects nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks with more than 6 million visitors per year. Though the treasures housed in National Palace Museum are ancient, the technology used in the museum is advanced. In order to provide a superior service for the great number of visitors, National Palace Museum selected Flytech Tower Kiosk with K755 to be used as a self check-in admission entrance system.
Built-in scanner, NFC, printer and Flytech’s own K755 Panel PC, the Tower Kiosk offers three ways to enter the museum: Taipei Fun Pass which is a card created by the Taiwan government for tourists (via NFC), a hardcopy ticket (via scanner), or an electronic ticket shown in a smartphone (via scanner). The Tower Kiosk effectively reduces the time and manpower spent on ticket checking and makes the visitor flow much quicker and smoother. Flytech Tower Kiosk now plays a critical role in National Palace Museum since November 2017.

國泰城 員工食堂 全自助點餐

Kiosk with K759 in Cathay Dragon Headquarters Staff Canteen

Established in 1985, Cathay Dragon is an airline headquartered in Hong Kong. The waypoints of Cathay Dragon are mainly cities in Asia, especially in China. Flytech is proud to be selected by Cathay Dragon to use Flytech’s K759 Panel PC and build it in a kiosk for a self-ordering machine in the cashierless canteen.
Via the kiosks, the staff can self-order their meals and pay using Octopus card, which is a widely-used contactless stored value card in Hong Kong. The staff could also pre-order the meal via a mobile app which generates a QR code to be scanned and activates the order. After the payment is settled with the Octopus card, the kiosk will print a receipt for the meal order.
No matter which method the Cathay Dragon staff use to order a meal, the steps are all self-service and taken via Flytech’s kiosk system, making the meal-ordering more convenient, efficient and smarter.

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